UPDATE:Facebook is planning to remove audience reach estimates from Custom Audiences due to a vulnerability concern. While this was initially reported by Facebook as a bug for which they were working on a resolution, it is now evident that FB is taking a new approach when reporting on audiences derived from personal data. Click here if you need assistance with Facebook marketing management.

No Estimate Of Custom Audience Size

If you are experiencing a lack of clarity from within your Facebook Ads account, don’t worry…you are not alone.

Many people are seeing “NOT AVAILABLE” (or seeing a -1) after creating a Custom Audience. The issue stems from a Facebook update back on December 22, 2017 and they are still working on a fix for the issue.

Custom Audience Size Listed As “Not Available”

In the meantime, while the estimates are not available to you, it is still ready to use in new ads.

This problem can also crop up when your custom audience size is under 1000 people. The best strategy here is to try to run the campaign on a limited budget as a test, then scale as your KPI’s deem appropriate.

Who does this affect?

Pretty much any kind of Custom Audience is experiencing this bug…

    • Custom Audiences from an uploaded file
    • Offline Conversions for Custom Audiences
  • When using Advanced Matching for website and mobile app Custom Audiences

Will my ads still work?

In short, yes. Your ads will still be delivered and reporting will be accurate regardless of the bug. The only thing affected is the estimate of your reach for the audience.

As for a fix? Facebook is working on it, but there is no published time-frame for resolution.

Facebook Custom Audience Size Not Available