Facebook Augmented Reality Advertising

Facebook Ads Management for eCommerce just got a serious upgrade!

This past Tuesday, social media giant Facebook announced that it is upgrading its advertising platform for eCommerce businesses by releasing augmented reality for some of its publishers.

Users of the new ads will be able to see what they look like when they “try out” items such as sunglasses, makeup, and even fill a room with furniture…all inside their news feeds.

Facebook announced in May that it was developing this technology for use in Messenger and Instagram as well.

Facebook Augmented Reality Advertising

AR Advertising For eCommerce

eCommerce brands are excited to try out the new technology.

Designer Michael Kors looks to be the first brand to test the new technology in news feed ads which will let users sample different sunglasses and then make a purchase . . . all while staying within the Facebook app.

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Augmented Reality Advertising

Try Before You Buy, Without Stepping Foot Into A Store

As people become much more comfortable with shopping online for everything from groceries and other necessities to clothing and accessories, and even cars, your visitors need to be able to visualize themselves, not models, enjoying your products. AR Ads on Facebook lets them do just that.

Customers that can see what they look like in that sweater, those jeans, the glasses, etc are much more likely to make the purchase!